I grew up with four brothers and a sister, cats, dogs, and guinea pigs in a small town on the east coast of the North Island in New Zealand. One of our family traditions was telling the story behind what we'd just seen. You can probably imagine, with so many kids and pets, how many stories we had!

When I was a teenager my friend and I rode her horse down dusty back roads or along sand dunes, pretending we were great explorers. Later, during summer holidays and weekends, I mowed lawns, delivered newspapers, and sold ice-cream cones at a corner store - by then I had a 50cc scooter but wanted a car.

It was while at high school I discovered the fascinating world of physics - and my career as an Orthotist and Prosthetist began. But while fitting arms and legs, and designing braces to help people stand, walk, and run, I also wanted to write.

Then one day I found the yellowed newspaper clipping of a story I'd once submitted to the local newspaper, and that's when I knew writing had been my dream all along.

I now live in Toronto, Canada with my husband, family and dogs, Molly and Cooper.  I write children's non-fiction stories and recently launched my website, Whole Food Studio, because in my spare time I discovered photography and testing out new recipes is a whole lot fun.